Liliana Branquinho, RA, CDP Senior & Adult Enrichment and Special Events Supervisor Township of Livingston, NJ 

"The Joke-A-Thon was an absolute success and the seniors truly enjoyed themselves. Fred encourages audience participation, which surprised us with many seniors who are usually more quiet, flourishing and feeling comfortable to share a funny joke. Fred keeps the program appropriate to all so no one is offended. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Fred Schnitzer's Joke-A-Thon (Still Laughing) program."  



Harry Hollander
Senior Group President
William Margulies Senior Center
JCC Metro West, West Orange, NJ

“With all that’s happening in current events in the world today, a weekly senior discussion group can get into some real, depressing doldrums. Well, laughter is the best medicine for that and a few months ago we had an angel show us how to bring guaranteed laughter to our group.  We love STILL LAUGHING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS and have made the program a regular part of our schedule.  Fred brings it all to life every time. We always make each other laugh a lot and it stays with us for the rest of the day!”


Sharon Rogovin, MSW
Director, Older Adult Programs
JCC Metro West, Whippany, NJ

“Still Laughing After All These Years is a hit for any and all seniors.  Whether telling jokes or laughing in response, everyone is involved.  Tailor made for your groups, even the most inhibited of your seniors will be laughing out loud!  Fred Schnitzer has the ability to elicit smiles, mirth and merriment from the crowd!  You can’t help but be filled with joy participating in Still Laughing After All These Years.”


Gina Goldman
Director, William Margulies Senior Center
Assistant Director, Center for Adult Enrichment
JCC Metro West, West Orange, NJ.

“It's (Still Laughing) so important because right after the sessions the people who participated continue to smile, laugh, and rehash the program. It makes them happy for the rest of the day making my job easier! Lol. They just have such a good time. It enhances their life!”