And It’s NOT Just About Joke Telling
Some groups enjoy spending part of a session watching short videos of famous professional stand-up comics while others prefer that the “Laughmaster of Ceremonies” tells more jokes -
The ultimate goal is the healing power of laughter!

On a small scale, think “Book Club” or “Bridge Club.” Even 3 or 4 seniors are enough to make it fun and on a larger scale, Still Laughing can be an invited event for 100 or more seniors and their families and friends.

  •  Warming the group up with a couple of jokes and filling in with jokes while Seniors are deciding what jokes they wish to tell
  • Encouraging the attendees to participate and directing the flow of the joke-telling
  • Working with the seniors to tailor make the program to their group’s specific preferences 

Seniors may bring their own jokes or jokes are provided. Attendees need not tell jokes to attend, if they don’t wish to, they may be part of the “audience” and just sit back and laugh!
 The Program Leader or “Laughmaster of Ceremonies” acts as an MC/Facilitator who coordinates the event by:

Here's How it Works

Still Laughing After All These Years  is a live, scalable, “Sit Down” comedy program for seniors who can still tell a great joke and for those who just love to laugh at one! It’s all about seniors making each other laugh.

Our Program